Polardraget information

Information Polardraget 2023

POLARDRAGET is SPHK’s own competition offering the swedish working dog test for the four polar breeds Alaskan malamute, Greenland dog, Samoyed and Siberian husky. The competition is also open for other breeds, competing in a separate class.

DATE: March 9th – 12th, 2023

LOCATION: Särna Camping.




The distance is as close as possible to 100 kilometers, not less but maybe a little longer depending on trail conditions. The trail is marked according to IFSS regulations. There may be areas without mobile coverage along the trail. The trail runs mostly on cross-marked trails through forest terrain, marshy areas and even in the mountain areas.



Meritorious classes (swedish working dog tests) – mandatory for Alaskan malamute, Greenland dog, Samoyed & Siberian husky:

        Number of dogs
Class Breed Age of dogs Test At start At finish
Nordic 1-4 dogs RNB2 24 months DP100+ Max 4 1
Nome 8-dog team RNB2 24 months DP100+ Max 8  5 
Nome 8-dog team RNB1 18 months DP20+ Max 8  5 
Nome 12-dog team RNB1 18 months DP20+ Max 12       8


NON-meritorious classes:

      Number of dogs
Class Breed Age of dogs At start At finish
Nordic 1-4 dogs RNB1/open 18 months Max 4 1
Nome 8-dog team Open 18 months Max 8 5


  • No dispensation for age of the dogs!


  • All dogs in meritorious classes must have approved FCI pedigrees and the drivers must be members of SPHK or a similar national club under their national kennel club. The membership must be documented at the registration in the secretariat.


  • All teams in meritorious classes must also submit a CORRECTLY completed working dog test form. A version that can be filled in on computer is attached. It is a demand from SKK that all participants in the meritorious classes fill this form. No form, no start!


  • If a non-swedish registrated dog is co-owned by a person living in Sweden, the dog must be registrated in SKK before the last entry day of the competition.


  • In the non-meritorious classes, a completed microchip list is required. The working dog form can be used as only a chiplist or you can down load a chiplist from IFSS’ website.


  • All participants must also fill in and sign a declaration form in connection with registration at the secretariat.


  • For non-swedish registrated dogs:

Check at  https://hundar.skk.se/hunddata/Hund_sok.aspx  if your dogs are registrated in the SKK’s databank. If you prior have competed in other races in Sweden, your dogs might be in the databank already. If you never have competed in Sweden or you have new dogs running in your team this season, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY AFTER you have registrerad to the race, email a readable copy of all the dog’s complete original pedigree to: polardraget@sphk.se

Scan only one complete pedigree per file.



Swedish participants must have a ”Green-card”. For non-swedish participants a ”mushers passport” is recommended, but not mandatory.  All participants must have private liability and accident insurance, which covers this type of competition, and veterinary insurance for the dogs is strongly recommended.



The start will be on Särna lake below Särna Camping with two minute start intervals. Finish in front of the campsite’s main building, alternatively down on the lakeshore depending on the snow and weather conditions. Last official finish time is Sunday, March 12 at 03.00 am. There will be no checkpoint and participants are responsible for themselves and their dogs from start to finish. The organizer will NOT provide participants with GPS tracking devices.



In connection with the registration at the secretariat, the BIB is handed out. The BIB is only handed out when your registration is complete! The participants must wear the BIB during the entire race. The BIB has to be given back to the volunteer at the finish line.



Driver’s meeting with trail review is held Friday evening at 19.00 at the Burskowius school in Särna. The school is next to the campsite. Driver’s meeting is mandatory. Drivers who do not attend the meeting will be banned from starting the race and the entry fee will not be refunded.



All participating dogs must be ID marked with a microchip. Microchip control is carried out in connection with the veterinary pre-check before start and even at the finish line.



Vaccination against Distemper, Parvovirus infection and canine hepatit (DHP) is mandatory for all dogs, and is valid, after at least one booster has been done. The period of validity must be specified in the dog’s EU passport or in a vaccinations booklet issued by a veterinarian.  The latest vaccination for Distemper has to be done at least fourteen (14) days before the race and cannot be more than four (4) years old.


Vaccination against Leptospiros is not mandatory.


Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for all dogs coming from other countries than Sweden and Norway. Rabiesvaccination must have been done after the microchip is implanted. Dogs from abroad (except from Norway) are allowed to enter into Sweden after 21 days of waiting period from the vaccination date. The validity of the vaccination must be specified in the dog’s EU passport.


Vaccinations against, Parainluenza (PI) and/or Kennel cough (KC) are not mandatory, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  In case a dog shows symptoms of Parainfluenza and/or Kennel cough the veterinarians will put the dog and the rest of the team out of the race and will sent the entire team away from the stake-out as well as the start & finish area.


All foreign dogs must be imported into Sweden in accordance with the Swedish Agricultural Agency’s current import regulations for dogs. More information through this link:  Ta in hundar i Sverige – Jordbruksverket.se  (click languages to change into English).



A veterinarian will be on site for a mandatory veterinary inspection before the start and also at the finish if any dog ​​or team shows a special need for veterinary care. At the start and finish area there is a heated room for the care of dogs and for possible doping control.



Each participant is responsible to follow the regulations regarding doping and medication of dogs. Rule violation means disqualification. The competition follows the Swedish anti-doping regulations, which are much more restrictive than IFSS’ doping regulations. In Sweden, no kind of medication is in principle permitted in connection with competition.



Protests must be in writing and submitted to the race marshal or race judge no later than one (1) hour after the last team has finished in the class the protest refers to. Protest may not refer to a verdict or the judge’s assessment. A protest fee of SEK 300 must be paid in connection with submitting the protest. Protests must be submitted on the appropriate form.



Will normally not be initiated until twenty four (24) hours after last contact. If a situation requires a search and rescue operation to be initiated earlier, decisions will be made by the race management together with mountain rescue. Participants must always have enough food and equipment with them to manage on their own and be able to take care of the dogs for at least twenty four (24) hours.



The following equipment is mandatory to have with you throughout the competition.

  • Map (obtained in the secretariat upon registration).
  • Magnetic compass
  • Sheath knife or axe
  • Wind sack
  • First aid kit for both musher and dogs
  • Bag for garbage
  • Headlamp, possible extra batteries
  • Spirits/petrol/kerosone stove or similar that works in cold weather
  • Emergency rations; 0.5 kg per dog in a sealed bag which must be unopened to the finish line
  • Emergency rations for the driver
  • Sunglasses
  • Snow shovel
  • Two (2) snow hooks on the sledge and brake pad in all nome classes

The race judge will do a random check before the start and even at the finish line. Everything that is with you from the start must be taken to the finish line or consumed in an appropriate way during the race.

In addition to the mandatory equipment, you must bring everything you expect to need during the race. You may not receive anything during the race. Remember that the race has no checkpoint. The driver must take care of himself /herself and his/hers dogs from start to finish!


If a dog is injured or dies during the competition, it must be transported in the sledge to the finish line. If possible, the dog can be picked up at another agreed location. The driver or his/hers handler must, if possible, inform the race marshal or race judge if a dog has died. A dead dog must be covered upon arrival at the finish line.




Thursday, March 9, 2023:

at 18.00 – 21.00: the secretariat is open for registration (but no veterinary inspection!).

The secretariat is at Särna Camping.


Friday, March 10, 2023:

at 08:00 – 16:00: the secretariat is open for registration, Särna Camping.

at 09:00 – 18:00: veterinary inspection, Särna Camping.

Both the secretariat and the veterinary inspection have lunch between 12:00-13:00.

at 19.00 – 20.00: Mandatory driver’s meeting at Buskowius School, Särna.


Saturday, March 11, 2023:

Starts down on the lake at Särna camping between 09.00 – 11.00.

Information about the starting order is given at the drivers’ meeting.

Teams expected at the finish line during the afternoon, evening and night.


Sunday, March 12, 2023:

at 03.00 last official finish time.

at 10.00 price ceremony on the balcony (outdoor) at Särna Camping.

at 12:00 lunch (own expense) at Lena’s Kitchen & Bar.



We will need volunteers Thursday to Sunday week 10, 2023 on site in Särna. If you want to help us as a volunteer during the competition, please send us an email at polardraget@sphk.se

Write a little about your experience with dogs and if you have any experience from other similar arrangements. Also indicate which day/days you can help. Don’t forget to write your phone number, and we will contact you for more information.




Please email all questions to polardraget@sphk.se




Warm welcome to Polardraget 2023!