PD300 – IFSS/WSA Long Distance World Championship
PD160 – mid distance

Särna, 28 februari -5 mars 2022 

For the 22nd year in a row SPHK invite mushers of registered polar dogs (Alaskan malamute, Greenland dog, Samoyed, Siberian husky, Canadian eskimo dog and Lakutskaja laika) to the Polardistans. 

For the first time in Polardistans’ history Polardistans 300 km also welcome all-breed dogs. 

Polardistans 300 km is hosting the IFSS/WSA Long Distance World Championship 2022.

Polardistans 160 km is carried through as usual, but without a championship status.

Like previously years the start and finish takes place at Särna camping.




PD300 RNB Nordic 1-4 dogs

PD160 RNB Nordic 1-4 dogs

PD300 RNB1 Nome 8 dogs

PD160 RNB1 Nome 8 dogs

PD300 RNB1 Nome 12 dogs

PD160 RNB2 Nome 8dogs

PD300 RNB2 Nome 8 dogs


PD300 OPEN Nome 8 dogs


PD300 OPEN Nome12 dogs


Open: all-breed dogs

RNB: alaskan malamute, greenlandshund, samojedhund, canadian eskimo dog, jakutskaja laika.and siberian husky
RNB1: siberian husky,
RNB2: alaskan malamute, greenlandshund, samojedhund, canadian eskimo dog and jakutskaja laika.



until  December 15th, 2021

From December 16th, 2021


3000 SEK

3500 SEK


4000 SEK

5000 SEK

Last date of entry is the 21st of February 2022.

Age limit for mushers: 18 years on race day regardless of distance and class.
Age limits for dogs: 18 months regardless of distance and class. Please be aware that the age for participating in the competition is different from the age limits in the rules for the swedish working dog test. Please check what applies for your breed in SPHKs rules for working dog test.

Entry is done directly at the website,

DID-No is required to register your entry at PD300. If you do not have a DID-No please contact your national federation under IFSS/WSA.

DID-No is not required to register your entry at PD160.

Information on, how and when you have to pay your entry fee, you will receive in the confirmation of your registration.

For your entry to be published at the website you must have paid the start fee to the bank account of Polardistans.You do not have a start number before your payment in full is registrerad at the bank account of Polardistans. The entry follows the musher, NOT the dogs.

The number of starting teams at Polardistans (300 + 160 km) 2022 will be maximum 100 teams. The Polardistans 300 km is also the IFSS/WSA long distance world championship and we reserve 50 starting numbers for this distance. If the 50 start numbers allocated to the PD300 have not been filled by the 15th of January 2022, the remaining start numbers will be released for the PD160 up to the maximum limit of 100 teams totally.  

In order to avoid participants entering quickly to be sure to get a starting number, even if he/she has not finally decided to participate, the start fee must be paid according to the instruction given in the confirmation of your entry. Entry is counted from the time the start fee is paid in full.

Otherwise entries registrered later, but with paid starting fee on time, will be assigned to a starting number prior to entries not paid on time.

For cancellation done before the 31st of January 2022 SEK 1000 will be paid back against medical and/or veterinarian certificate.
For cancellations done after the 31st of January 2022 NO FEE WILL BE REFUNDED WHATEVER CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED! It is the competitors responsibility to have an insurance covering the starting fee cost in case of injury or illness.
Cancellation is sent by email to:

At present, it is impossible to predict what will apply regarding different types of competitions /gatherings due to the prevailing pandemic. Our starting point and hope is that the pandemic by the end of February 2022 will have subsided so much that there are no longer any obstacles to conducting the competition. However, we urge everyone to update themselves regularly on the situation

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition if too few entries.
The website,, is updated continuously, so it is important to visit the website regularly to get the latest information. 

All questions are answered by Karina Andreasen by e-mail:

The Swedish Polar Dog Club welcomes all of you to POLARDISTANS!