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Polardistans 2023

Polardistans 2023 is cancelled. Since the end of the summer, we have been trying to create a complete organization for Polardistans, but unfortunately we have not succeeded. Since some loyal volunteers for various reasons chose to resign, the workload on the few key persons who remain will be too extensive to be able to carry out the competition in 2023.

Polardistans is very close to our hearts and we find this extremely sad.

In parallel with this work, a major reorganization is taking place within the Swedish Polardog Club (SPHK), which is the organizer of Polardistans. This work also affects Polardistans’ organization. We will try to form a special committee for Polardistans. In this way, we can ensure the future of Polardistans from 2024 onwards. It is SPHK’s ambition and desire to keep Polardistans as a competition for many years to come. Polardistans is SPHK’s own middle- and long-distance competition, which gives us the opportunity to evaluate our polar breeds.

We choose to see 2023 as a “break” year and hope and believe that Polardistans will return with renewed strength and stability from 2024.

Many have offered to help as volunteers during Polardistans 2023, for which we are extremely grateful, but it takes more than volunteers during the race week to carry through Polardistans. Volunteers are needed who have time, energy and commitment all year round, so that Polardistans can be carried out. It is not a “one-man show” to arrange a competition like this. We sincerely hope that all of you who have offered your help at Polardistans 2023 will also be there from 2024 and in the future.

We know that many mushers already planned to run Polardistans and we know that Särna Camping, as well as many other places in and around Särna, are fully booked. Instead of Polardistans we will offer a mid-distance race, POLARDRAGET 2023 in Särna during the days 9-11 March.

More information about POLARDRAGET 2023 can be found in the link below:


We hope to see many of you as participants and volunteers at POLARDRAGET 2023 in Särna during week 10, but under slightly different conditions and a slightly different set-up.

Warmly welcome to Särna week 10, 2023.


Karina Andreasen,
Race manager

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