Invitation to officials

No Polardistans without volunteers!

Polardistans is not one but two competitions in one.  A middle-distance race, Polardistans 160 (PD160), at about 160 km and a long-distance race, Polardistans 300 (PD300), at about ca 300 km. Särna Camping is the start and finish area. The 2024 competition will take place during week 10/2024.

What are you offered as a volunteer?

  • As a volunteer you get accommodation and food during the week. Otherwise all work are voluntary.
  • Nature experiences with all kind of weather situations; everything from clear blue sky and sun, to very low temperatures, strong winds and drifts of snow is possible during the week.
  • Meeting new friends, who share your interest in dogs, certainly lots of laughs, but also, we should not hide it, working as a volunteer can mean long shifts, happy and satisfied competitors, but also tired and disappointed ones.
  • One thing is certain, it is a week you will never forget!

What can you help with? Among other things, this:

  • Work with the start/finish area and even help in the start and finsh (timekeeping, gps tracking etc).
  • Work outside at the checkpoint with setting up and taking down everything, receiving the teams, assign the teams to their resting places and reporting times to the secretariat.
  • Assist the veterinary team and the race judges in the pre-check.
  • Work in the secretariat with website, timekeeping and time reporting. Experience in reading Swedish is required and even experience of reading foreing pedigrees and vaccination certificates is an advantage.

If this sounds exciting and intersting, then read the volunteers handbok at our website:  The handbook is found under Volunteer.

If you have questions about beeing a volunteer at Polardistans, please contact us by email,

Welcome to a nice dog week in beautiful Särna!