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The future of Polardistans

Like many other non-profit organizations, Polardistans is also affected by a shortage of staff. Previously, there was a full organization that worked all year round with the planning, implementation and post-work of the competition. In recent years, the same work, despite the fact that the competition has grown into a major international event, has been carried out by a few people. It is extensive work that requires a lot of time and energy over a long period, and the workload has been placed on a few individuals entirely voluntarily.

Over the years, Polardistans has had a number of enthusiasts, but many are beginning to sign off or announce that they do not have the opportunity to set aside the time required during the upcoming Polardistans.

IF we shall be able to arrange Polardistans 2023, it is time that YOU wake up and stand up within the organization. It is an emergency situation and the planning must begin immediately!

Best regards!
Karina Andreasen


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