Polardistans seeks volunteers

Do you want to be a volunteer at the IFSS / WSA World Championship in long distance for polar dogs week 9, 2022 in Särna, Sweden?

The volunteers are together with the organizers the pillars of the race, and without all the volunteers Polardistans is not possible to carry through.

Working as a volunteer can mean long shifts, meeting happy and satisfied competitors as well as tired and disillusioned ones. The weather can be everything from early spring sun, snowstorm and maybe moonlight nights. ,

You are guaranteed many new friendships, lots of new experiences and you get close to the action. One thing is for sure, it’s a week you will never forget!

More information and the entry form is to be found at the Polardistans website

In addition to volunteers for the competition week, we are also looking for a volunteers manager as well as a sponsor manager.

Both positions require you can start working with the competition immediately.

If you have questions or concerns, you can also email funktionar@polardistans.se

The Polardistans organization
Karina Andreasen
Race marshal