Mandatory equipment


The following equipment is mandatory to have with you during the entire race:
If you want to print the list as a PDF file – click here.

  1. Veterinary handbook – provided during registration.
  2. Magneticcompass. 
  3. Snow shovel of good quality.
  4. Sheath knife – minimum 9 cm blade.
  5. Sleeping bag for winter conditions. The bag must be approved for temperatures below -30 degrees.
  6. Sleeping pad (minimum 0,5 x 1,8 meters).
  7. Extreme wind sack, minimum 1,200 grams. (Jerven, Helsport fjellduk or similar). Alternative tent for winter use and a “regular” wind sack.
  8. Extra change of clothes – jacket and pants protecting from wind and chills, base layer, beanie/hat, gloves/mittens and socks.
  • For Nomestylealso replaceable boot liner or winter boots.
  • For pulka style also extra soles and bivouacshoes – example Hellsport Bivuaksko, Fischer Overboot Speedlock or similar.
  1. First aid kit for both musher and dogs. Minimum Vet-Flex, plaster, pressure bandage and sports tape. Medication that are doping classed according to the Swedish anti-doping regulations are not allowed.NOTE! The Swedish regulations are stricter than the common anti-doping regulations of the IFSS. 
  2. Plastic bag forgarbage
  3. Headlamp, plus extra batteries. 
  4. Matchesin waterproof packaging. 
  5. Spirits/petrol/kerosone stove or similar that works in cold weather. Gas stove is not accepted.
  6. Fuel enough to complete the race safely and minimum 0.5 liters shall be brought back to the finish.
  7. Kettle with containers to heat at least 0.5 liters/dog (only in Nome style).
  8. Drop dog lines/wires. To be able to drop one or more dogs at the checkpoint, the musher has to have at least as many drop dog lines/wires as the number of dogs the team can be reduced with. 
  9. Four socks per dog out of each checkpoint.
  10. Participants should have food for themselves and the dogs to be able to complete the whole race.
  11. Emergency rations; 0.5 kg per dog in a sealed bag which must be unopened to the finish.
  12. Emergency rations for the musher, one (1) package of freeze-dried food must be unopened to the finish.
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Brakepad in Nome style. 
  15. Brake, both in pulka and Nome style.
  16. In all Nome classes there must be two (2) snow hooks on the sled.
  17. Thermos, minimum one (1) liter.
  18. Map: W1 Grövelsjön – Lofsdalen, or trail map in northern Dalarna (sond)

The Race Committee may at any time during the race control the mandatory equipment. Everything brought from the start has to be brought to the finish, or used in an appropriately way during the race.