Polardistans 2020




Polardistans has grown as an arrangement, over the past few years. We who engage in and organize Polardistans wish to get back to the simplicity and basic values  when it comes to arrangement and participation. Therefore even Polardistans 2020 will be arranged under the motto ”Back to Basics”. 

So what does the term ”back to basics” mean for Polardistans?

Polardistans, as a long distance competition, is reasonable similar in regards to the ”modern” conditions  we see in competions today and at the same time close to the original way of using our polar dogs. The competition is also in line with SPHK’s statues. The basic idea is to test our registered polar dogs’ abilty to work for longer periods of time as well as testing the dogs’ polar abilities. Polardistans is also one of the most important tests when evaluating dogs for future breeding as well as the results of our current breeding.


Polardistans was from the beginning a form of nature experience in mountain environment where men and women participated on equal terms.  The term” Keep calm and get back to basics”gives you, as a driver, comfort that you will be able to ”find your way home even if you get lost”.That’s why it is very important to have experience, be well prepared and have knowledge of how the mandatory equipment works. If the dogs are healthy and well prepared they are the least of  problems. Weakness lies in man and the decisions he or she makes.


 So ”back to basics” and enjoy it!


/Anders Hörnlund