Reindeer area
The trail goes through reindeer grazing areas. The dogs must therefore be kept under strict control. The mushes is responsible for damages caused by his / her dog team to reindeers.

Straw and water
Straw and water are available for all team at checkpoint

Search and rescue
Search and rescue operations will normally be initiated 24 hours after the last point of contact. Unnecessary stops between the checkpoints should therefore be avoided. In the event conditions require that a search and rescue action be initiated earlier, the decision to do so will be made by the race organisation together with the emergency services. Paritcipants shall at all times have enough food and equipment to survive for at least 24 hours.
Only 24 hours after having left the checkpoint the musher may use the emergency food for himself and the dogs. This means that a musher must att all times ensure that he has the emergency ration of food for himself and his dogs upon leaving any checkpoint