Polar distance mainly runs on marked snowmobile trails

A snowmobile trail is a groomed and excellent track. In most cases, the joints are also excellent with high bars with a red cross on and instructions for snowmobile driving. These are deployed at intervals of 100-200 meters.

This applies to all snowmobile trails, state as general:

• Skiers, dog sledges and pedestrians ALWAYS have preference in the track.

• Right traffic applies to snowmobile trails

There are also winter trails in the area

The winter trails are marked with guiding stars – cross on poles. When it is allowed to ride a scooter there is a recurring scooter symbol on the pillar posts. The guide posts are located at a distance of 40 meters and the cross is approximately 150 centimeters from the ground. When the cross snows over in frequent areas, they are sometimes extended with a road stick.